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Check out these 2 exciting 2-part events, which we curated specifically for you—the DIY investor. Special guest speakers and insightful industry experts will provide you with the information and education you need to confidently manage your own portfolios. You won’t want to miss these shows!

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Time to Take Another Look at Bond ETFs

In this session we will break down how rising rates and the fed’s aggressive stance on policy tightening are impacting the bond market negatively but how investors shouldn’t give up on bonds altogether. The asset class’s role as a long-term diversifier and hedge in your portfolio may be needed in this economic environment.

Well known media personality and host, Pat Bolland “the guy with the stache”, will dive into this topic with experts Matt Montemurro, Portfolio Manager with BMO ETFs and Marina Mets, from FTSE Russell who has been in the fixed income indexing business for over 20 years and heads up the Fixed Income and Multi Asset Product Management & Research division.

They will discuss why fixed-income securities still play a critical role in reducing portfolio risk and can also prove surprisingly resilient, even during periods of rising interest rates. This session answers your questions on how bonds act as a risk control in your portfolio, where the attractive segments of the fixed income market are, and how ETFs can he used to target specific segments.


Income Enhancements for Your Portfolio

For many investors, receiving reliable and consistent income from their investments is a primary objective. Whether it is to fund retirement, offset reoccurring expenses, or to cover annual vacation costs, investors love generating cash flows from their portfolios.

Adrian Starinieri, a FIRE (Financially Independent Retire Early) movement adopter and income investor, will be getting insight on income investing from industry experts Chris Heakes (BMO ETFs) and Andres Rincon (TD Securities).

In this session we will look at how covered calls can work to enhance the level of income in your portfolio while providing some protection from volatile markets.  We will look at how covered call ETFs work, the pro’s and the con’s of this approach, and important considerations investors should think about when analyzing these products.


Building a Strong Foundation: Broad Market ETFs

A portfolio is only as strong as it’s core.  In this session we go back to where it all started when it comes to ETFs, broad market ETFs.  These simple to use, low cost index trackers remain a powerhouse when it comes to building a core portfolio.

Host of the Build Wealth Canada Podcast, and founder of the Canadian Summit, Kornel Szrejber will unpack this topic with experts Alfred Lee, Portfolio Manager and Investment Strategist at BMO ETFs, and Graham Mackenzie, Head of ETFs with the TMX, Canada’s largest stock exchange.

This session looks at the origin of ETFs, dives into index-based investing, and why using well known industry standard benchmarks is so important.  We will also dive into how broad market ETFs can be used to build a strong foundation for your portfolios, what a core and explore strategy is and why these are such effective tools to help you manage your investments.


Your Guide to ESG ETF Investing

ESG (Environmental, Social, Governance) Investing is on the rise as investors become more interested in the idea of aligning their investments with their values and see that in order to do so, they don’t necessarily need to give up performance.

Jessica Moorhouse, host of the More Money Podcast and millennial money expert joins Paul Riccardella, Executive Director at MSCI, leader in ESG Indexes, and Rosa Van Den Beemt our very own Engagement and Active Ownership expert at BMO Global Asset Management.

In this session we unpack ESG Investing with ETFs, how an ESG rating and an ESG ETF is constructed, and we look at the other side of the coin when it comes to ESG investing, active ownership and engagement – where the ETF provider will vote proxies associated with the stocks in the ETF, and meet with companies to further try to enact change around ESG issues.

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