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Check out these two exciting two-part events, which we curated specifically for you—the DIY investor. Our special guest speakers and insightful industry experts will provide you with the information and education you need to confidently manage your own portfolios.

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Satellite ETFs to Strengthen Your Portfolio

The Core-Satellite approach to investing has the potential to enhance risk-adjusted returns in your portfolio by incorporating asset classes that are less correlated with the broad markets offering better diversification.   Find out how you can harness opportunities in niche markets to strengthen your portfolio with this best of both-worlds strategy using ETFs.


Passive Management & the Case for Index ETFs

Index based investing, or passive investing, has grown rapidly as investors recognize the benefits of a low-cost option to gain investment exposure to a wide variety of market benchmarks. Find out how active versus passive investing styles have performed overtime as we review SPIVAs latest findings. Discover how index ETFs are not all created equal, and important considerations for investors when looking to adopt this approach.


ETFs to Help You Manage Risk in the Current Markets

It seems we’ve waved goodbye to the days of low volatility with market volatility remaining at elevated levels since the pandemic.  Find out how you can manage this volatility using ETFs in your portfolio and smoothen the ride.  We will look at how Factors perform in different markets, and other strategies to implement in order to lower the impact of market swings on your portfolio.


A Place to Park Cash: ETFs v. HISA vs. GICs

Investors often turn to cash during challenging market environments but there are important considerations and risks investors should take when considering a move to cash.  Learn about the different places you can park your cash and the current outlook for the fixed income environment.

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